Hotwork Safety Solutions

Falck Safety Services has been assisting clients in performing safe hotwork operations, both offshore and onshore, over the last decade. Falck provides the highest level of assurance to its clients on the safety, validity and integrity of it's safe welding enclosures and it's accompanying components. Thorough research and stringent testing procedures ensure that the Hotwork Safety Solutions systems are 100% reliable during field operations.


Understanding that personnel and asset safe-guarding and production retention is a major concern, the HWSS systems provide the utmost in safe, cost-effective and rapid installation of monitoring, detecting and control technologies available in the market today. Comprised of multi-products and multi-systems, Falck Safety Services' capabilities in the versatility of installations, environmental monitoring and management and response has enabled us to complete projects on a global scale.

Uninterrupted Production​


· The HAZTEC process enables uninterrupted production to be maintained under circumstances where it would normally be suspended.

· HAZTEC safe welding enclosures exceed all BOEM & BSSE regulations for performing hotwork within classified areas.


Minimize Risks 


· Ensuring safety & assets integrity is a critical business driver during hazardous operations where hydrocarbons are present.

· HAZTEC pressurized welding enclosures provide ability to maintain production & eliminate inherent risks associated with SIMOPS during shut-ins.

· Air monitoring & control systems ensure hotwork is performed in safe atmospheric conditions with skilled, experienced labor.

Revenue Retention 


· HAZTEC retains installation revenue by offering uninterrupted production.

· The HAZTEC process allows operators to maintain full production revenue while hotwork is executed - all at a fraction of the cost of otherwise significant down time and lost revenue


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