OMSA OSV Training Program

​Houston Marine's user-friendly, field-tested materials will help determine and develop the skills of your company's officers under auspices of a Coast Guard approved qualification program.


The Offshore Marine Service Association (OMSA) and Houston Marine Training Services developed a program to enable mariners to obtain the required STCW 95 endorsement. The OMSA OSV Training and Proficiency Assessment Program is a Coast Guard approved qualification program designed to meet the requirements of the STCW 95 Code. This program meets the STCW requirements for training and assessment for Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV) licenses and documents operating in the US domestic waters (200 miles off US shores)


The OMSA Program accommodates the operations and advancement patterns of the work boat industry. The qualification process provides mariners a qualification system specifically for the offshore industry that complies with the STCW regulations. The features of the OSV Licensing System provide three available licenses - Mate, Master and Chief Engineer. The licenses are limited to offshore supply vessels under 500 GRT (3000 ITC). Requirements for obtaining an OSV license for foreign waters or an ocean route have not been finalized.


Since this licensing program is sponsored by OMSA, it is conducted by and for association member companies. Your company is required to execute an agreement to participate in the program. Houston Marine takes care of the implementation process for each participating company.


Each candidate must meet certain Coast Guard requirements to qualify for one of these licenses. These requirements are:

  • must be a United States citizen
  • pass a physical exam and drug screen
  • pass a criminal and driving records check
  • serve the specified number of days at sea
  • pass a CG written exam


OSV Program Elements:


STCW Competency Tables

This is where it begins. The program is based on standards set by the STCW convention.


Record of Training and Assessment (RTA)

The candidate will be given an RTA to document the proficiency demonstrations that will be required to qualify for a license.


On-the-Job Training & Study Materials

Candidates will learn how to perform the required tasks through a combination of OJT and specially prepared study materials. No formal classroom training is required.


Assessor Training and Materials

The proficiency demonstrations will be evaluated by "designated examiners" who will have to attend a one-day approved course and use an approved Assessor Guide.


Quality Standards System

All program elements are approved by the US Coast Guard. An internal quality control system is also established to insure that the proficiency demonstrations are done properly.


Assessment & Record Keeping

Candidates will be responsible for keeping their RTAs, which must be submitted to the Coast Guard with their license application. They will take the standard written exam after completing their proficiency demonstrations and meeting all other qualification requirements.



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