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For many of Houston Marine's home study exam prep courses you may choose to have the Question and Answer portion either on computer software, in a book format, or now our web-based training.
PassPak (Computer Based Training)
PressPak is the home study courses which contain Q&A course preparations on a USB thumb drive.  The Question & Answer software will guide you through specially organized quizzes, keep track of your progress, and let you know exactly when you are ready to pass the test. It's that easy. Plus, you'll get all the books, charts and videos needed for studying for your license!
Exam-Prep Kit (Book-based)
Some people prefer seeing the Q&A in book format. For this purpose, we still offer our "Exam-Prep Kits." You get the same regularly updated questions organized by topic area so you can concentrate your study. The Exam-Prep Kits include the same books, charts and videos which come with the PassPak course option.
Web-Based Study (WBS)
Houston Marine Training Services has developed an easy and convenient way to study for the Coast Guard license/endorsement examination using a Web-Based Study (WBS) program.  WBS utilizes the power and convenience of the Internet for the delivery of targeted examination preparation. Web-Based Study offers its users flexibility, accessibility and convenience, as well as providing training managers/supervisors greater control over their training programs.

Houston Marine's Web-Based Study program provides immediate online access to the Q&A used on the test along with all of the study and reference material required to prepare for the Coast Guard license/endorsement exam.  There are two options available:
WBS Kit includes a complete set of reference books per student along with Internet access to the Q&A program.  This is the preferred choice if a student plans to study during his time off and wants to own all of the supplemental study material for future reference.

WBS Q&A only provides individual students Internet access only.  You can allow your employees access to the reference materials by setting up a library on the rig and having students reuse the books. Once a book set has been purchased for each course of study, it won't be necessary to continue purchasing new books for each new student, saving you significant training expense.


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