Major Emergency Management Training

Falck Safety Services is the leader in providing emergency preparation simulation, training and assessment.


Delivered by individuals with over 30 years of real-world emergency experience and the strongest commitment to training in the industry, Falck brings the utmost in quality to the MEM program. We provide your personnel with knowledge, experience and techniques in Major Emergency Management so that your Emergency Command Teams are able to reach effectively to maintain protection to all personnel, environment and assets.


Utilizing state-of-the-art MOME rooms, delegates learn how to achieve and maintain effective communications throughout an emergency. Our instructors will create a "real-life" emergency experience for our participants that will simulate an actual emergency. The MEM course can be tailored to any company-specific project, resulting in a personalized training of your emergency response team.


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​Our Impact - Your Advantage 

  • Risk analysis and resource utilization

  • Heightened situational awareness

  • Leadership and teamwork

  • Stress management

  • Greater agility and responsiveness

  • Data validation

  • Team and individual assessments

Assessments are carried out against the OPITO standard for OIM and Deputy OIM. During these assessments, candidates must demonstrate competence across the following areas:


  • Maintain a state of readiness

  • Assess a situation and take effective action

  • Maintain communications

  • Delegate the authority to act

  • Manage individual and team performances

  • Deal with stress in self and others

  • Major Emergency Management


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