Our goal is to adapt to the needs and workflows of our patients, customers, partners, and the communities we serve.  We are always endeavoring to meet needs and exceed expectations, while promoting financial stability.  


Falck is a company of people helping others -

​We Are Always There!            

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Patient Billing
(844) 231-8264
Detroit, MI​
(877) 797-9900
Central Maryland
(410) 720-6060
Montgomery County
(301) 977-6200
Washington Metro
(301) 596-2800
(800) 491-3223
Alabama, Georgia
(800) 449-4911
South Florida
(888) 743-8080
Central Florida
(407) 822-3700
Treasure Coast
(800) 481-2910
California (North)
(800) 344-9955
California (South)
(877) 972-0999
Aurora, Colorado
(303) 361-6000

Falck entities in the US

Falck Northwest

Services available 24 hours. Please contact 855-FALCKNW (855)-325-2569

Falck Northern California

Healthcare organization revolutionizing the pre and post hospital continuum of care through innovation, analytics and leading edge technology.

Care Ambulance Service

Care has grown from a small, one ambulance community based service, to the largest provider of quality ambulance services in Orange, Los Angeles County, and Riverside Counties.

American Ambulance

The vision of American Ambulance Services to consistently deliver high quality, on-time ambulance service to our patients and customers.
American Ambulance More

Lifestar Response

Established in 1975 as a family-run ambulance transportation business in Long Island, New York.​​

Falck Rocky Mountain

Our patients, partners and employees come first.

Rapid Response/Pulse

Rapid Response and Pulse EMS provide the highest level of patient care possible.
Falck has more than 30,000 employees, and helping and protecting other people is our most important task.​
Falck USA
1517 W Braden Court
Orange, CA 92868
+1 (855) 325-2591

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