Falck Northern California

Falck Northern California is deploying a range of services -- mobile healthcare, emergency medical service (EMS), medical transportation and patient logistics -- to serve the region with cutting edge clinical and operational technology. We combine expert personnel, equipment, and services with the reputation and commitment to excellence in keeping with Falck’s century-long history as the world leader in emergency services.

Falck’s position as a privately-held company allows us to maintain our focus on the communities and customers we serve. We adapt our approach for the unique needs of each community or healthcare partner we work with. Our goal is to provide top level clinical quality and customer service with a strong focus on patient outcome.

It starts with a single call…

One call to our state of the science communications and transfer center will connect you with a professional member of the Falck team who will assist with finding the most appropriate solution for both you and your patient. Our solution oriented team is at your service.

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Falck has more than 25,000 employees, and helping and protecting other people is our most important task.​
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